Everyday class attire

The life of a college student is busy! Classes are hectic, campus organizations are hosting something every week and the library is packed! With such a busy schedule, who has time to worry about what you’re wearing during the week? No worries! Here are a few tips to help you choose an outfit quickly while keeping your reputation as a fashionista in tact!

  1. Days with the most classes

    The best style you want to go for is cute and comfy. Trousers, slacks, flowing skirts paired with a blouse or a sundress would be ideal. try to pick tones that compliment your skin color. Don’t forget your accessories!

  2. Days with less classes

    These days usually start in the afternoon like a 12:20 class where you have time to really put in a lot of effort into your outfit. Take advantage of this time and be creative! Try out new looks whether its urban with a shredded leather skirt or some high-wasted shorts and printed leggings or soft and feminine with a furry sweater with a dog or a cute blouse.  Express yourself!

  3. 8:00am (OR EARLIER) Classes

  4. A huge suggestion would be to pick out your clothes on the weekend like on a Sunday. If you don’t have the time however, or you just plainly forget, go back to your basics. Throw on a chiffon pastel shirt, a pair of jeans and nude flats and you have yourself an outfit or to make  things easier, you can throw on a romper. Please remember to wear accessories! They are not an option in his case.

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