Back to Basic : Standard clothes every woman should have in her closet


It’s that time of the year again! Net Checks are dropping soon and everywhere you turn you can see a sale. This is the season of revitalizing and revamping so why not start with your closet?


Camisole’s and T-shirt’s:

Camisole’s are the foundation of your closet. They come in handy for everything. Make sure you get one in every color and print that you can find. A classic T-shirt that fits well in Black, White and your favorite color are essential to your closet. A University Shirt that shows  your school pride is also great to pair with high-wasted pants.


As a college student, a perfect blouse is necessary to look professional with your personal style. Pastels,black, nude, white, silk  and chiffon should at the forefront of your closet.

A black shirt

Try to get a favorite black shirt that will go with almost anything.

Empowerment shirt

To show that you are a woman of substance and strength, a shirt that expresses your stance on any social issue will be perfect!

A white Collard shirt

Every college woman should have a classic, crisp white collard shirt in her closet. It never goes out of style, it matches with almost everything and it brings sophistication to every look.


To add a taste of flare to any look, floral, animal, or any other print design will do the trick!


Whether it is collared, A-symmetrical, mesh, cold shoulder, boat neck  or ruffle sleeve, a long-sleeve shirt is great for a winter day.



To give a sophisticated look when you want to look classy or professional without trying too hard or being too hot.


To wear to any volunteer event or work study/OPS.


For an interview or presentations


Ripped, boyfriend, good fit, blue, black, brown it doesn’t matter, but find your go-to denim.


Print, bold color, white, black, high wasted, find some shorts that fit you well and keep you cool!


Leather, pencil, print, bold, shredded, stretch, hugs your curves find a skirt that you could wear with a lot.


Look for all types of textures like silk, jersey, felt, corduroy, don’t always rely on jeans and slacks for bottoms, strive be different!


Floral, baroque, stripes, polka dots, characters, always make you stand out.


Cute sweats for a fun study night are essential.


Black and nude Pump (3 INCHES AT MOST!) are mandatory for interviews and presentations. Black and nude are a must when you’re in a rush struggling to get from one class to the next. Rain boots are a life saver! Don’t ruin your shoes because you are unprepared. Be safe not sorry.  Take your time to select your favorite sneaker that makes you feel comfortable when working out so that you’ll be motivated to work out more often. Sneakers aren’t just for workouts however, Converses are great to pair with a dress or a skirt to give an effortless edgy look


When shopping for heels, your mind must be focused and you must have a purpose for each shoe that you buy or you will go crazy swiping for shoes that you’ll never wear. The essential heels are;


Open-toes heels




Sandals:something that are easy to slide into without worrying if it works with your outfit. There are so many different choices is hard to choose but here are a few essentials to help you narrow them down:

Strap: This gives a edgy look to your outfit and draws attention to your feet instantly so make sure you paint those toes!

Thong: These are the staples of your closet because they pretty much  go with anything. However, they tend to break easily so try to get a variety so you won’t wear the same shoe so many times.

Slides: You could were Nike slides with the fur, gold or silver slides or color. There are so many choices for you to add variety to your closet.


Fur vests and coats:

As the winter swiftly approaches, fur in any form is welcomed. So channel your inner Yonce and throw on some fur!


An over-sized denim jacket is great for a sophisticated edgy look!

A leather jacket

Everyone wants to look cool in the fall and winter and nothing says “in crowd” like a classic leather jacket!


White, black, Navy Blue, a bright color and print Blazers are amazing paired with a business casual outfit.


Hunter green, black and nude are great throw overs for those classrooms that are way too cold for comfort!


Burgundy, black, hunter green give you a fashionable urban look that other will envy.


Sundress are good for those 8:00am classes when you’re too sleepy to figure out what you want to wear.

Business casual dresses are great to add a little femininity in the workplace!

Club dresses and two-pieces allow you to have so much freedom to express yourself. Try to take the extra mile and be creative to make your own personalized look stand out!

Rompers are great when you want to look fashionable without much work! Solid or print, shorts or pants, the varieties are endless for this effortless slay!



Bold, clutch, tote oh my! Never underestimate the power of a cute clutch or tote! The can really make or break an outfit.


Adjustable, snapback, cloche, beret, brim hat, skully


Big faces and dainty’s are essential and can take a boring outfit and make it pop!


Dainty, big chains, long chains,names, etc. really brig out the essence of the type of style you’re trying to own. Think twice before you throw on just any necklace and make sure you have a variety to choose from.


All types are essetial, diamods, stones, bands, and any type of artwork that gives you a sugar rush for hand candy!


A life saver for bad hair days for sure!

Body chains

Turn a simple outfit into a one of a kind!



What is your absolute must have top or bottom? How often do you shop for accesories? What is your budget like?  How often do you update your closet? What is your favorite store to go to when you’re updating your basics?




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