HAIR: Transitioning?


Transitioning from the “creamy cack” to “Au Naturale” is a beautiful journey. You get to learn a lot about yourself, your hair and your style while going through the stages of “TWA” to “BAF”. Here are some tips to make sure you keep a healthy head of hair through this process:

Get trims

It may hurt the first few times and it may seem like all of your hard work has just bee chopped to the ground but I promise it will grow back healthier and faster than it did before. It’s just a part of the process.

Wear protective styles (yes get a closure!)

You don’t want to have to keep starting from scratch because you burnt your leave out. If you are hesistant to get a closure do your research. Silk based closures are the best but lace closure aren’t horrible and lace frontals cover the whole front of your head, Look on styleseat or ask around for people who are experienced in sewing in closures or frontals and ask to see pictures of multiple clients so that you know if they are consistent or not. If you decide to get braids, make sure that they are not too tight or they will pull your hair out,

Let your hair breathe

When it’s time to take out your protective style, don’t be in such a rush to go into another style. Let your hair breathe, enjoy it and relish in your natural crown!

Don’t use too much product

The LOC method is good for once a month but don’t use too much frequently because it will clog the pores.

Know your type

Hair types rage from 3a (which is straight) to 4c (which is very kinky). Knowing the type of hair you have can assist you in picking the most effective products for your hair. It will also help you learn some cute styles that will accentuate your curls!



How do you feel about trims? Do you think getting a trim is an emotional journey in itself? what is your favorite protective style? At what length do you feel it is okay to let your hair breathe? What are some products that you absolutely can NOT live without! What is your hair type?


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