Up close and personal with the real Wendy Williams

Words by: Steven Michael and Alexis Lockhartphoto

You may know Wendy Williams as the daytime television host, actress, comedian, author, fashion designer, and former radio personality, but what about behind the scenes? How is she after the lights go off and she’s sitting comfortably in her own little dungeon preparing for the next fabulous event in her life? Was she always the confident carefree woman that you see on television? What was her journey like and how does all of this influence her fashion sense? Lets find out!

Williams is very conscious of genuinely appreciating what she wears on and off camera. “I have to authentically like the clothes that I wear and That’s where getting a great stylist comes in, knowing what you like and what you don’t like, for T.V. and not fot T.V.”


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However, like every woman, she’s not confident with 100% of the clothes that she wears all the time. So what’s her remedy? A great stylist. “Somebody who’s willing to work with me, which is memsor, but also somebody whose opinion I respect. Not every day do I love what I have on.  He’ll say ‘Madame, we’ve got 45 weeks of taping the show, we’re here till 20/20. You’re not going to love everything that you wear all the time.’ and he’s right! ”

Media personality Wendy Williams is jubilant as she leave 'Good Day New York'
08 Sep 2015, New York State, USA — Media personality Wendy Williams is jubilant as she leave ‘Good Day New York’ wearing an orange wrap dress from her HSN clothing line Pictured: Wendy Williams — Image by © Fortunata/Splash News/Corbis

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So just how comfortable does Williams get after the light’s go off? “The first thing I like to do when I finish the show is jump back in my leggings and my jeans, throw this make up off and put on a street wig. I prefer my street wigs better because their not as tamed. But for T.V., for HD, you can’t go out there with a wild you know mop.”

So it is safe to say, that Williams doesn’t go to bed and wake up in the morning with a glam squad by on stand by next to her night stand. She loves a clean face and a laid back wardrobe just like everyone else. However, she does know the importance of looking appropriate in front of the camera. “I don’t love every wig all the time Just like I prefer, the no-make up make-up look than a bunch of lashes and all the extra stuff….I have my messy days but you know what, doesn’t everyone! At least I’m willing to admit it.”

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The backbone of her wardrobe confidence is a great relationship with her stylist Memsor Kamarake. “I feel comfortable enough that if it’s something that I don’t want to wear, at least I’ll try it 90% of the time….. So I trust him (Memsor) but he also trust me so it’s a give and take, a really happy medium”

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But the trusting and fierce woman that you see on television was not always this confident. “I grew up a fat girl and that was my bubble, that was when I was stuck on stupid. Then after losing the 50 pounds, my arms were smaller and now I don’t have to fight my stylist saying ‘I don’t want to wear another sleeveless dress!’ or ‘Give me a sweater to put on this’, I would just be so conscious of that.”

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Though Williams has lost the 50 pounds, she is still insecure about her body but it her insecurities aren’t as intense as the used to be. “You know I waited too late in life so now I have hanging skin and my formula for sleeveless used to be to put the hair in front of my shoulders, but guess what, I will wear sleeveless now”

Now Williams is over 50 and truly living life freely but she is always aware of the fine line between feeling younger and dressing appropriately. “I’m 52 and i’ve got the spirit of a 22 year old but I don’t want to dress that way! There’s a fine line between what is considered too young. I’ve got very long long legs and I enjoy wearing short dresses. And there are many people, I read the haters, who say you need to pull your dress down and just because you say that, I’m pulling it up a little more.”


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Williams stresses the importance of having a great stylist whose trustworthy and time sensitive. “I have to tell you that as a stylist, one of the biggest assets that Memsor has, otherwise he wouldn’t be here or any show, is that Memsor has developed a very very fastidious relationship with the clothing that he brings for me to try on and getting them back to the shops in time. But the biggest thing is people trust him with thousands of dollars in clothes”

Williams  explains how they work together to make sure that every piece that they borrow is sent back to the stores in tact. “While i’m trying them on, im not wripping zippers or getting lipstick on them because he counts on me not to do that and if I did, it’d be fine because he will just send it to get dry cleaned. But why all that dry cleaning if I would just slip it over gently.”


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What advice does Williams  have for someone trying to get a start?

Internship/Apprentice. “You need an internship with someone who’s actually doing what you want to do. Working at   Saks Fifth Avenue is retail, that’s clothing but that’s not showing you what you want to do if you want to be a wardrobe stylist. I think two wardrobe interns and they’re all into stuff.”

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But Williams is really big on getting an internship in a place that you love. “I like to see when we have interns here that they are into what they’re doing. If you’re a wardrobe intern, don’t tell me that you’re a chemical major because you’re taking up room.”



How do you feel about Wendy William’s journey? What are some boundaries a client should have with their stylist? Do you think there should  be any boundaries at all? Was in the internship information helpful? Let us know in the comments below!



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