WHAT TO WEAR: Convocation



It is always a pleasure when you see the Convocation flyer posted around campus or on social media. Automatically you know that classes are suspended but more importantly, you have the opportunity to hear from your president or an influential speaker. Students have the opportunity to connect with other students or professionals, gain a few extra credit points, listen to the band, write about the experience in the student media and more!  But what about your attire?  This is not an interview but it is a scholarly event. You don’t have to put to much effort into your attire but you do want to be taken seriously. What do you wear that will make a great first impression and seem effortless? Let’s find out!

You have two options: BUSINESS CASUAL or BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL. Business professional is corporate. Stick to the power colors black and navy blue. Wear pastel shirts and ladies wear pantyhose and shoes with a low heel. Men stick to hard bottoms. Business Casual has a bit more freedom. You can wear bright colors and patterns, polo shirts and khaki’s and studded pumps or flats. Ladies make sure you cover your midriff, thighs and cleavage and fella’s make sure your pants sit on your waiste. Try to stay away from denim. 

If you’re sitting with your organization, then they probably will tell you what to wear so look out for the message. If they tell you to just wear a shirt dress it up or make it look debonair. If your organization tells you to wear a suit, then they will be pretty specific in what they want.


Business Professional:

 NAVY BLUE,  DARK GRAY, or BLACK are your best friend when thinking about dressing for business professional and STAY CLEAR OF PINSTRIPE! 

Solid colored cotton shirts are a must. For daytime events wear light pastel colors like sky blue or a crisp clean white collared shirt. 

 Silk ties three inches in width are perfect for this attire and  you can wear colors that contrast with the suit to stand out like a yellow tie with the matchig paisley with a navy blue suit and cognac color hard bottoms. If you must, socks with crazy prints can be worn and a big face watch is the perfect accessory!

Photo’s  by Jevon Mack                      Photo By: Rashad Stafford

Business Casual:

You have a lot more freedom to be creative with shirts, pants, socks, accesories and more! You can wear a polo shirt and khaki pants with with sperry’s and a gold chain or a polka dotted collar, red pants and a big face watch if you want to look spiffy! Remember: straight line and clean cut are the rules and everything else left to you!



Photo By: Tyrone Brooks                                         Photo By Rashad Stafford


Photo By: Tyrone Brooks



Business Professional:

NAVY BLUE,  DARK GRAY, or BLACK are your best friends too! Make sure that neither your pants or skirt suit is too tight. You can cleave in two places (your chest or buttocks) so make sure that everything is secured and ready to go!

Stay away from printed suits because you don’t want to look cheesy and make sure your suit separates match perfectly! If you’re wearing a skirt suit ALWAYS wear panty hose no matter the weather and make sure your heels are three inches and below. Take the time to find the right color pantyhose and stock up.

Cotton, silk or chiffon solid color blouses are your “go-to”  but you can jazz it up with a nice scarf. Stay in the pastel family when wearing blouses and stay away from ruffles. A crisp white blouse is always classic!

Pull your hair back to show your pretty face and accent it with pearl earrings or diamond studs. The key is minimalistic beauty.


Access Photo here

Business casual: 

Ladies have fun! Prints, studded heels, bright colors, bold jewelry the sky is the limit! As long as the dress is two inches above the knee and the midriff section is covered, let your imaginations wonder! don’t be afraid to try new things! for the rock chic you could wear an educational t-shirt with a black blazer, black slacks and a studded heel with studded hoops with your hair up and a red lip! For sweet and sassy you could wear a pink suit with a striped blouse and floral heels! There are so many options!

womens-color4 Access Photo here

13124433_10154879256639358_319093374785257354_n-1  1b8d174dc620f40dfc54bef9c6d192dd

Photo By Alexa Guy                                                          Access Photo here

If you wake up late and don’t have time to put much effort into your outfit, a school shirt and slacks or a skirt and a watch will always get the job done!


Access Photo here


What is your favorite part of convocation? What do you wear when you want to impress a potential employer? what did you wear to convocation?


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