Buying what works for you! What to wear for every body type


Shopping can be a  great experience for everyone! Most people already know what kind of body shape they are but what do you look out for when you’re shopping? What kind of fabric do you choose? What  is flattering specifically for your body? Knowing all of these answers will enhance your shopping experience and make you want to go back for more every time!





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This type of woman usually has to be aware that her shape needs a little help to be outlined and accentuating the waist is key. Wear form fitting clothing and to give yourself  more curves add volume to your upper and lower body by mixing and matching suggested separates.


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This body shape has a larger top than bottom. The shoulders are wider than the hip, the bust is larger and the hips are smaller. This is also referred to as the inverted triangle. For the upper region of the body create vertical lines and stripes and wear soft feminine textures to minimize your shoulders. For the lower region, create volume with A-Line skirts of full skirts, wide leg trousers and a bold shoe to finish it off.


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The peanut shape is also referred to as the hour glass shape which is desired by most women. This curvaceous body type is wide in the upper and lower regions of the body and relatively small around the waist. Almost anything will fit like a glove but try to wear snug material like jersey material to accentuate the curves.



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This body type is more wide in the lower region and smaller in the upper region of the body. You try to balance by creating more volume in the upper region of the body. Layering your top half creates visual interest and draws the eye upwards. Wear volume, clutter, pattern, color on your top half, so hips and thighs will seem narrower. Wear fitted styles around your waist and always accentuate your waistline. Empire line, wraps and fitted lines are key.



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Apple Shaped women often have fuller breasts, hips and thighs and a flatter rear end than most. Their curves are their asset and it is a must to accentuate them! Choose clothes that skim and not cling. Flowing silks and soft cottons tailored in simple designs gives you soft silhouettes rather than emphasize those extra curves. And best of all, these fabrics are comfortable.Dress in monochromatic or just a single color with different shades rather than many colors. Different colored top and bottom cuts your body in half but monochromes will make you look longer. Darker solid colors tops with small designs make your top half look slimmer. If you really want a top with some pattern, choose ones that have darker colors around the midsection with the pattern along the top to bring the eyes towards your chest and face and away from your tummy. Avoid bold patterns, large checks and light colors above your waist unless you want to look bigger.


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